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Expand your vocabulary: Part 7



Walk or behave in a very confident and arrogant way:
He swaggered along the corridor

'Banno tera Swagger laage sexy'. The song is talking about the very confident (tending towards arrogant) style with which Kangna Ranaut behaves or walks in the movie!



Cancel or abolish something
A proposal to abrogate temporarily the right to strike

Your fellow mate was prevented from entering the Parliament. And so you said, "A BRO was stopped at GATE", i.e. his entry was abrogated.



Remove completely (something unwanted or unpleasant):
He was such a strong man that he could expunge an unsatisfactory incident from his memory in a few days

'Ek-sponge': You have a sponge that has completely soaked water. You expunge it means you press this sponge so hard that you remove all water from it.