1. Ram and Mohan start from their house and walk 8 km in the same direction. Ram turned to his left and Mohan turned to the right, and both of them walked 5 km. After that both of them walk 4 km backwards. How far apart are they from each other?

2 km

5 km

6 km

10 km

2. We are five friends sitting in a row. Bipla is the 2nd right of Arjun, but I am on the 2nd right of Aman. Arjun is to the immediate left of Aman. Sagar is to the immediate left of Arjun. Who is the middle one?





3. A solid cube is made using 27 small cubes. In how many small cubes are two sides seen ?





Directions : In Question Nos. 4 to 5, assuming the given statements as true, decide which of the conclusions (if any) logically follows from the statements.

4. Statements :

All bottles are jars. Some jars are pots. All pots are taps. No tap is tank.

Conclusions :

I. All bottles are tank.

II. All pots are tank.

Only conclusion I follow.

Only conclusion If follow.

Both conclusion I and II follow.

Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows

5. Statements :

Any students who does not behave properly while in the school, brings bad name to himself and also for the school.


I. Such students should be removed from the school.

II. Strict discipline does not improve behaviour of the students.

Only conclusion I follow.

Only conclusion II follow.

Both conclusions I and II follow

Both conclusions I and II do not follow