Directions (Q. 1 - 5): Solve the following questions :

1. Raju runs 1250 m on Monday and Friday. Another days he runs 1500 m except for Sunday (he does not run on Sunday). How many kilometres will he run in 3 weeks (first day starting from Monday)?

a. 12.5 km 
b. 20.5 km 
c. 8.5 km
d. 25.5 km 
e. None of these

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2. The sum of nine consecutive odd number of set A is 621. What is the sum of a different set of six consecutive even numbers whose lowest number is 15 more than the lowest number of set A?

a. 498 
b. 468 
c. 478
d. 488 
e. 486

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3. In a school, there are 250 students, out of whom 12% are girls. Each girl’s monthly fee is Rs 450 and each boy’s monthly fee is 24% more than that of a girl. What is the total monthly fee of girls and boys together?

a. Rs 136620 
b. Rs 136260 
c. Rs 132660
d. Rs 132460 
e. None of these

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4. The call rate of a SIM of company A is one paisa for every three seconds. Another SIM of company B charges 45 paise per minute. A man talked for 591 seconds from the SIM of company A and for 780 seconds from the SIm of B. What would be the total amount he spent?

a. Rs 7.80 
b. Rs 7.40 
c. Rs 7.46 
d. Rs 7.82 
e. Rs 8.46

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5.. Kamya purchased an item for ` 46000 and sold it at a loss of 12%. With that amount she purchased another item and sold it at a gain of 12%. What was her overall gain/loss?

a. Loss of Rs 662.40 
b. Profit of Rs 662.40
c. Loss of Rs 642.80 
d. Profit of Rs 642.80
e. None of these

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