Directions (1-4) : Seven friends A, B, C, D, E, F and G applied for three Banks P, Q and R. Out of these' at least two have applied for eachBank. There is only one girl who has applied only for one Bank. Out of seven friends three were select one for one Bank, out of these was only one girl. a. is sister of G and both have' applied for the same Bank but not for q. A applied for the Bank R only with E who is a girl. F applied for the Bank P but he Was n,ot selected. C who is tpe wife of D, has been selected. 

1. Which of the following combination represents girls? 

B, C, E

B, C, G

C, E, G

Cannot be determined

None of these

2. For which bank, three persons applied? 


P or Q

Q or R


Cannot be determined

3. Which of the following combinations of friends, represents for the Bank P?

Only B and F

Only F and G

Only B, F and G

Only B, F and C

None of these

4. Finally which of the following were selected? 

A, C, F

A, C, G

B, C, F

B, C, G

None of these