Directions (1-2): Read the given statements carefully and answer the questions which follow.

1. After the government announced a compensatory policy for farmers in return for the acquisition of their land, the farmers demanded a written proof of the policy, which of the following could possibly be a Cause for demanding the written proof?

The farmers were unable to contest the inadequate compensation for their land in earlier such policies.

The compensation promised in the policy was grossly inadequate.

The farmers were unwilling to surrender their lands to the government.

The farmers demand a certain-percentage of share out of the revenue generated by the government off their lands.

The only option to enforce the government officials to frame a compensatory policy for the farmers was to demand a proof.

2. Small grocery shop owners have gone on a day's strike in order to protest against the entry of a foreign retail store chain in the city. Which of the following statements can be an Effect of the statement given above?

The small grocery shop owners perceive the big retail giants as sharks, trying to dominate the available market space.

Foreign investment in retail has shown a tremendous growth in India since a couple of years.

There have been several countries in which retail chain giants have totally wiped out small scale grocery shops.

The government agreed to take all political steps required to safeguard the interests of small scale retailers.

A recent survey indicated that a large number of people prefer to buy their daily grocery items from the nearby grocery stores rather than big retail chain stores.

Directions (3-4): Read the following statements carefully and answer the questions which follow.

3. The ministry of sports has been advised by a committee to take the highest award in the field of sports back from two players who were allegedly-involved in match fixing. Which of the following statements would weaken the argument put forward by the committee to the sports ministry?

A good conduct in the past and a lack of evidence against the players make the case against them very weak.

The ministry of sports has never declined the recommendations made by the committee earlier.

Taking the award back from the players would set a good example to other players for avoiding such actions in the future.

There have been past cases where the award had to be taken back from the players owing to some misconduct later on.

The committee is constituted of some of the most respected and esteemed members from the fields of sports and politics.

4. Many organizations have been resorting to recruitment based upon performance at graduate/post-graduate level exams rather than conducting exams for the same purpose. Which of the following statements would strengthen the argument given in the above Statement?

A recent study shows no link of past performance with the performance in recruitment exams.

The graduate/post-graduate exams are considered to be severely deficient in training in job related environment.

Organisations which had undertaken recruitment on the basis of graduate/post graduate exams report a significant drop in the quality of the recruited employees.

Such policies would add to unemployment among students having below average performance in graduation or post-graduation.

Such policies could save time, money and resources of the Organisation which are wasted in the conduct of recruitment examination.

5. Read the given statements carefully and answer the question given below:

The project of the road construction (work) has crossed its first   deadline as far as pre monsoon road works are concerned. In the major city the road works are given great emphasis and these are the places where road work has been completed.

Which of the following can be concluded from the statements given above?

The start the work of the road one has to go through a lot of tiresome paperwork before starting the repair work which delays the whole work of the road.

It takes several hours while travelling via these roads

The work of the road is going on

They will start the road works well in advance

None of these