Directions - Solve the following questions -

1) Which of the following teams has clinched the 2015-16 Vijay Hazare Trophy? 

[B]Andhra Pradesh
[E]None of these

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2) Who of the following has been honoured with the 2015 Jnanpith award? 

[A]Bhalchandra Nemade
[B]Raghuveer Chaudhary 
[C]Pratibha Ray
[E]None of these

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3) Which of the following committees suggested initiatives on Medium-term Path on Financial Inclusion? 

[A]R. Gandhi Committee 
[B]Deepak Mohanty Committee 
[C]Nachiket Mor Committee 
[D]Usha Thorat Committee 
[E]None of these

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4) Who of the following has been awarded with the Best Player of the Year at the 2015 Globe Soccer Awards? 

[A]Lionel Messi 
[B]Cristiano Ronaldo 
[D]Wayne Rooney
[E]None of these

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5) Who of the following has been bestowed with the 2015 Atal Samman Award? 

[A]Sunitha Krishnan 
[B]Sunderlal Bahuguna
[C]Achyutanand Mishra 
[D]Bunker Roy 
[E]None of these

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6) Who will be the new CEO of NITI Aayog? 

[A]R K Hegde
[B]Mohan Dharia
[C]Amitabh Kant 
[D]P. Shiv Shanker 
[E]None of these

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