Duration of Test is 90 minutes

- This test contains 100 questions 

- There will be negative marking of 1/3 for every wrong answer.

- Please do not press the back or refresh button once the test has started, as this will lead to expiring of your test session.

- Once you have started the test, you will be shown one question per page. You will have the option to either answer the question or mark it for review by clicking the 'Review' button given below the question. The attempted question will be shown with green color in Question panel while questions marked for review will be shown with Purple color. The questions that are viewed but are not answered are shown as Red.

- Any time you feel you want to answer or view any particular question, simply click on the particular question button given in the Question Box on the right side. 

- In case you are not able to complete the test in one go you can attempt the test from where you left for the remaining time duration.

- You can end the Test anytime you want by visiting the last question and clicking the submit button or it will be auto submitted after end of test duration. Test once completed can not be attempted again. 

- A brief score-card showing your score will be generated at the end of the test, along with all the questions in the paper, showing the answer marked by you and the correct answer.